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Frequently asked questions about brow microblading
What is micro-blading? 
 Micro-blading is a procedure that implants pigment (color) into individual "hair strokes" in the brows with a sterile hand tool which holds tiny needles. A micro-blade artist is regulated by the Health Department.​​

Is it permanent? 

It is considered semi-permanent because the pigment is placed in the upper dermal layer of the skin. It will fade from natural skin exfoliation, sun exposure, exfoliating skin treatments and products.

What is the cost of the procedure? 

$500.00 (includes consultation, procedure appointment, and touch-up appointment).

How often will one need to "Enhance" the brows? 

This depends on the individual .......sun exposure, skin care treatments, age, skin type, colors used, etc. Usually 1-5 years is common.

What is the cost for the Enhance appointment?


Who is a candidate for micro-blading? 

Sparse or no eyebrows, asymmetrical brows, difficulty grooming one's brows (tweezing, fill-in, shaping, etc.), allergies to makeup products, permanent makeup enhancements, and brow corrections. 

Who is not a candidate for micro-blading?***
-currently pregnant or nursing
-current cancer and under treatment
-taking Accutane, antibiotics, iron supplements, anticoagulants (blood thinners) steroids
-have an open wound in the brow area
-extremely sensitive, thin skin
-current bacterial or viral infection
-history of keloid scarring
-Type 1 diabetic  (Type 2 requires doctor permission)
-heart conditions-pacemaker/defilbrillator, untreated high BP
-any bleeding or blood disorder
-currently on antidepressants
-liver diseases or communicable disease
-shingles, eczema, rosacea, or other skin disorder in the brow area
-moles or scarring in brow area
-extremely deep wrinkles in brow area
-hair transplants in brow area
-organ transplant
-auto immune disorder
-medication that may compromise health of client, healing process, and pigment retention 

***A doctor's release may be necessary for any medical condition or medication that may interfere with the success of procedure. 

How many appointments are necessary?  There are 3 appointments.
1. Consultation- we will discuss reason for procedure, your vision of brow shape, are you a candidate, review and sign consent form, cost, pre and post care review, and followup appointment. We may also draw on the brow design at this time as well as look at potential colors. I also ask that clients that do not currently fill-in their brows do so at least one week before scheduled appointment to get use to having more brows and get comfortable with a design. a patch test of the pigment may be performed at this time. We can then schedule your appointment for the procedure. The consultation appointment is $100.00 (this will be deducted from the procedure cost if booked within 30 days).
2. This is usually a 2 hour. We will numb the brow area, draw the brow design, finalize color selection, and implant the color pigment. We will be working together on the design throughout the procedure. You will be given post-treatment instructions and a home kit. The "touch-up" appointment 4-6 weeks later will be made.
3. Touch-up appointment- this is scheduled 4-6 weeks after the procedure appointment when healing is complete. We will evaluate your brows and "touch-up" where needed with additional strokes, color, and shape. The same pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions will apply.

What are the potential complications of micro-blading?
Infection- it is very important to follow the post-procedure instructions and if signs of infection develop (swelling, redness, pain, drainage) see you doctor immediately.
Inability to heal- it is very important to indicate all medical conditions because you may not be a candidate for micro-blading. See your doctor if unable to heal.
Allergic reaction to pigment or topical products- a pigment patch test is recommended before the procedure. It is important to indicate any allergies at consultation. Also stop all topical products and see doctor immediately if signs of allergic reaction occur (swelling, redness, itching, etc.)

What if the color changes over a period of time?
Every attempt is made to select the right color for each client. The skin undertone determines which pigment is used, however a client's chemistry, medications, and other factors can influence the outcome. Corrections can be made to counter unforeseen changes.

Can the design of the brows be changed?
Design of brows can be changed to a certain degree, that is why it is very important that the design is agreed upon before the procedure is performed. One can add to the shape but removal is difficult. Being a semi-permanent procedure the pigment will fade over time.

How is the shape of the eyebrow determined?
​Eyebrows fall into 5 basic shapes- s-shaped, hard angled, soft angled, straight, and rounded. The eyebrow shape is basically inherited but can be modified with waxing or tweezing. When deciding on a brow shape/design, one should consider it's natural shape as well as one's face shape and bone structure.

Will I have to wax or tweeze my brows after microblading?
If waxing or tweezing was necessary to create the brow design, then yes,  you will need to wax or tweeze your new brows.

If I currently tint my brows will I need to continue tinting them?
If the pigment color selected was chosen to match your tinted brows, then yes.  

What if I currently color my hair?
If you indicate that you will continue to color your hair then the pigment selection will be made on that assumption.Otherwise we will use your natural brow color for pigment selection.  We can also look at your eye color as well.
Does one’s skin health and genetics play a part in the results of micro-blading? 
Yes, just like any canvas (your skin) affects the result.  Sun damaged skin, texture, excessive dry or oily skin, lifestyle, medications, smoking, metabolism, facial surgery, age, and overall health will have an effect on results and long term success.

Will it hurt?
A topical lidocaine ointment is applied 20-30 minutes before the procedure to numb the area.  Additional numbing agents will be applied as needed during the procedure.  You will feel a “sensation” as the pigment is implanted into the skin. It is ok to take Tylenol (if not allergic) for any minor discomfort.

What changes will the brows go through during the healing process?
Initially the brows will appear darker and bolder. It is normal to lose approximately 1/3 of the color during the healing process.  In approximately 6 days the color will appear to be much lighter for a period of 10 days before the color will start to appear again.  It takes 30 days for healing to take place with the final color and shape.  The “touch-up” appointment is then necessary to complete the micro-blading procedure.  

Will I have to limit normal activities?
That depends on one’s “normal” activities.  Working, shopping, going out will not be limited, however any activity that would interfere with healing and pigment retention must be avoided for several weeks.  For example, sweating, water exposure, sun, certain skin products, eye brow tinting or waxing, etc.

Planning special events:
It is recommended that clients book their Micro-blading appointments at least 3-4 months in advance of weddings, vacations, or special events.  This allows adequate time for healing of both appointments (the initial and the “touch-up).  It always requires 2 appointments spread over 4-6 weeks to achieve the desired results, and may require 3 sessions.